How to Beautify and Future Proof Your Bathroom

A home is a wonderful thing. The word home evokes feelings of comfort and protection. We just feel safe, happy and secure when we’re in a home we love. But things tend to change dramatically over time unless we take efforts to avoid it. What feels like a sanctuary today can feel like a trap a few years down the road. Thankfully all one needs is a little future proofing.

Basically, one should consider how different stages in life might impact how he or she interacts with a room. A bathroom is one of the most important examples because it has some problem areas. All it takes is a period of illness, an accident, or even just a visitor with special needs to really drive home that point.

This can be better understood by considering a single example. Imagine one’s wife is fighting against cancer. She’s fighting to keep her mobility in the face of that condition as well. She can walk, but it’s difficult. And she might need to use a walker if she’s on her feet very long. Now consider how many problems the average bathroom will pose to someone in that situation. In fact, we can even narrow it down to just the shower.

Everyone loves a nice relaxing shower. It’s even equivalent to meditation for some people. But consider how many problems someone with mobility issues would have with some shower doors. Despite the name, walkers are just as important for standing. And it’s quite common for people with mobility issues to need a walker or other similar device when taking a shower. But in our example, the woman doesn’t want to leave a walker or stand in the shower because it might inconvenience others. But at the same time, the standard door on the shower can prove an insurmountable obstacle to get her equipment in.

One might even find something similar with the door to the bathroom itself. Many doors just weren’t designed to provide proper clearance for walkers, wheelchairs and similar devices. And it’s important to remember that accidents and illness can strike at any time. It’s best to prepare for it when one has the luxury of time and health. It’s important to try fitting future needs into one’s current lifestyle. You can do an online search for any shower ocean county nj design.

Returning to the earlier example, the NJ family would have wanted to ensure that the shower and bathroom doors had enough clearance to match any potential needs in the future. One obviously can’t be expected to know everything that might happen in the future. But it’s generally a good idea to plan a home’s clearance to always allow for wheelchairs. This will instantly ensure that most other medical assistance can fit in as well.

This principle can fit into almost any other room in the home as well. And really, if you’re trying to fully future proof your home than it’s a good idea to make a continuing project of it. The process can take a while. But eventually it’ll result in a home that you know you can raise a family within. A home you can grow old in. And most of all, a home that you don’t just think is safe but know is safe.