Why Your Metal Roof Might Need Restored

Many people choose a metal roof over other options like asphalt shingles because of its longevity. Some metal roofs can last up to 60 years if they are properly maintained and well installed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that it will never require metal roof repair Clearwater FL in its lifetime.

Metal roofs may be more durable than other materials, but they are still susceptible to rust and other problems due to nature. This rust can happen quickly and degrade the integrity of your roof if the coating on it has worn off. This rust can lead to holes that will eventually cause leaks in your home. It’s important to watch out for potential problems in your metal roof before it becomes too late for repair and the damages get expensive.

Some spots to look for when it comes to leaks include skylights, flashings, fasteners, cents, seams, and ridge caps. You may also found that the overlapping edges of your roof may be lifting up. Where the roof is fastened to the trusses may be weakened compared to the other areas when it comes to wind and water.

When you find damages to your metal roof there’s no need to immediately start thinking about a replacement. If the problems are discovered early enough there is a good chance that they can be repaired. The fix to your problem may be much more affordable than you think but it’s important to choose the right products for the repair to prevent the same problems from occurring in the near future.

Why Restore?

When a roof can be restored, it costs significantly less than replacing the entire thing. There isn’t a coating that exists that can keep your roof safe and rust free forever, but they can still add years onto its life and keep your home looking great. Coating your roof can protect your home from the elements, not just rain and wind but also UV damage from the sun.

A well-kept roof can also save on energy cost for your home. While metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors, white metal roofs reflect more of the sun than other colors. If your metal roof was not white when it was installed, a white roof coating can change this without having to replace. By reflecting up to 87% of the sun’s rays, your home can stay cooler in the summer without having to tax your air conditioner as much. This not only helps you save on your cooling bills, but it’s also much better for the environment if you are trying to go green.

Silicone Or Acrylic

One of the main problems that lead to metal roof degradation is problems with the roof coating. After the rust has been repaired, you’ll need to choose a product that will protect your roof from rust damage. While many people choose acrylic roof coating, newer silicone options are usually much more durable. In addition, they are more environmentally friendly than most other roof coatings like acrylic.