What You Should Think About Before Replacing Your Furnace

When your furnace stops working like it used to, you may be asking if it’s time to replace it or just try to get it repaired. If your old furnace keeps costing more and more to repair and frequently stops working, it might be best to go ahead and invest in a new one. If you aren’t sure of what to do, a residential furnace services zion il company may be able to help you make your decision. There are many things that need to be considered when your furnace is on the fritz and here are just a few.

Should You Repair or Replace?

On average, furnaces tend to last between 15 and 20 years depending on how often they are maintained and how much they are used. If you don’t know when it was manufactured, this information can usually be found on the label. If your furnace is at least 10 years old and experiencing problems, it’s usually better to replace it before the repair bills begin to mount year after year. Keep in mind that properly maintaining your furnace can make it last another 5 years or so before it has to be replaced.

Are the Ducts Blocked?

Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with the unit itself, there’s just something that is blocking the airflow in the ducts. In some cases, there is nothing blocking the ducts but there is a leak that is causing heat to escape into unused areas or out of the house. Duct leakage testing can easily test for any problems with leaks by testing the pressure of the airflow. The ductwork for your furnace runs throughout your house and sometimes it doesn’t have proper insulation which can make a furnace much less efficient. While they may have been well insulated when they were installed, insulation can deteriorate over the years and sometimes needs to be replaced.

Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

Did you move into a new home and find that your heating bills were absolutely ridiculous during the winter? While it could be that your furnace isn’t working properly, there is also a good chance that your home is not properly insulated. An inspection can be performed by an expert called an energy audit. There are many programs that offer subsidies for these kinds of services and some professionals offer their audit services for free.

Properly insulating your home can sometimes be more cost efficient than purchasing a more efficient furnace. There are many different ways to better insulate your home such as new windows as well as insulated siding. One of the most effective ways of insulating your home to make it more energy efficient. Adding insulation to the attic area of your home can make a world of difference when it comes to lowering heating bills. In addition, there is an insulating foam that can be sprayed around the top of the walls of the foundation. If you’re planning on replacing your siding anyway, there is also an option to spray insulation directly into the walls of your home.