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Trichomoniasis a sexually transmitted disease. It is spread through having unprotected sex with an infected person or by a simple touching of the genitals. The disease can go unnoticed for a long period of time as it does not manifest itself easily. This a disease can be diagnosed by testing for the presence of the DNA of the parasite causing it in the fluid. If the results for these tests are positive, it is advisable to test for other STD.

Treating another STD is harder than treating trichomoniasis. This is because one can be treated and be cured completely by taking antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. In cases where one partner does not portray the symptoms it is still important to treat both sexual partners.This prevents the untreated partner from passing it back to the treated partner. Preventing this disease is as easy as practicing safe sex. People should be taught more on the importance of engaging in safe sexual practices at all times. This reduces the chances of contracting or transmitting STD.

The disease is associated with an increased chance of transmitting and being infected with the HIV. It is also a direct cause for premature bright of infants. The manifestation of the disease in both females and males is quite similar. The most obvious symptom experienced by infected individuals is discomfort experienced during sexual intercourse or when passing out urine. This symptom is manifested by both males and females.If you are experiencing such symptoms, it is a good reason to get screened for this or any other STD.

Women may have a change in their vaginal discharge. The discharge moves from its normal features and obtain a certain color and foul smell. Men get an itch on their sexual organ while women go through vaginal itching.Urethritis is a common symptom as both men and women experience it.Another common symptom is the development of the urge to pass urine frequently. The intervals of passing urine are closer than the normal duration. Swelling and redness of the genitalia are experienced by women.
The importance of sexual health should not be held with less regard; it should be regarded highly. Not only should people be empowered but they should also be encouraged to indulge in safe sexual health practices. Sexually transmitted diseases acquisition and transmission can be easily prevented. Prevention will always be better than cure in this case.Avoiding all the predisposing factors is advisable as it rules out the probability of contracting sexually transmitted diseases; making it a wise move.

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