Rediscovering the Joy of the Outdoors While Still at Home

People sometimes joke that the best thing about the outdoors is coming back inside after suffering through it. And there’s some truth to that idea. The history of humanity has in large part been a struggle to find stability and comfort in the midst of uncertain climates. Even today we often find ourselves struggling to know what the next day’s weather is going to be like.

But at the same time, science has shown something which appears to directly contradict that fact. There’s a slew of studies and stories which detail the health benefits which come from being outdoors. It’s understandable if one feels there’s a bit of a contradiction there. However, in reality both of these facts are true. Historically humanity has had a rough time with the outdoors. But in modern times we also get benefits from being outside.

The reason comes down to comfort. Our ancestors were forced outdoors in conditions which weren’t comfortable. In fact, they could have huge negative consequences for people’s health. But today we wait for days in which the weather is nice. And that allows us to find relaxation and enjoyment in the outdoors without any of the negatives.

However, that’s not the whole story. We can actually take that a bit further. There’s days and nights in which it’s quite plainly too cold to go outside. Or at least to do so for very long. And this usually keeps us indoors for much longer than we’d like. But what if there were a way to combine the best of both worlds? What if there were a way to enjoy the starry skies while also enjoying a nice climate controlled environment. And of course there’d be some bonus points for general ambiance and atmosphere. It turns out that such a thing really does exist.

Most of us know of it. But we tend to forget just how much it can bring into our lives. And that mysterious yet ever so important item? It’s a hot tub. Or, to be more precise, heated whirlpool tubs. Some people who’ve been in them might not even see how this could work within their lives. But much of the reason is that they’ve probably not owned one for themselves.

When you’re using a friend’s hot tub then you’re limited to their schedule. And of course you’re limited to their choice of placement. But imagine if you could place one within your garden. You could wait until one of those brisk fall nights where the world seems to take on such a different tone. And then you and the company of your choice could embark out to the hot tub. Even in a brisk chill the warm waters would keep you feeling great.

And meanwhile, you’d be able to soak in the beauty of both sky and garden. And again, depending on the choice of company, you might even drink in the beauty of a companion. The ultimate joy of it all is that you have a choice. And you can discover the beauty of nature while enjoying the comforts of climate control.